1 11 2009

Alright, people.  I am so proud of myself, I can hardly contain it.  For the last two days, I have spent countless hours trying to figure out how to create a story using Photo Story 3.  It was my dream to combine my written words, voice, visuals and music to bring my story to life.  And even with all the obstacles I was presented, I figured them out!  Did I happen to mention I accomplished this all by myself?  From figuring out how to add music from a CD (now I know what it means to “rip”) to discovering that my computer already has a built-in microphone, I am now sharing my creation with you (And believe me, just figuring out how to post it on a blog was a feat in itself.  Who knew you had to pay extra on WordPress to add videos?).  So go to my new personal blog and see my triumph for yourself. 




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2 11 2009

Wow! What a great production! I am so impressed–music (and more than one song!), sound effects, voice, print on photos, ‘motion’–you’ve included all the elements I hope to use on my photostories. Thank you for pioneering this. You are deservedly proud.

It is really story first, though. It will be interesting to compare your photostory with others who might focus on image first. Or is that just an exercise we do with our students? (for example: Read your poem as your drawing, or ‘published art,’ is on the screen.)

3 11 2009

Your blog really made me think about the writing process I used as I was creating this project. In fact, I chose all the photos on Saturday and those were the ones I posted on my classroom website, not really knowing if I was going to do anything beyond photos and music. Waking up on Sunday, I suddenly knew what I had to do because the photos alone did not show the emotions of how I was feeling inside. And that’s when I knew what my topic was. It wouldn’t have come that “easily” if I hadn’t had time to stew over the story my pictures had inspired.

3 11 2009
Paul B

You did such a wonderful job expressing your emotions through this story and in sharing the experience of your “wedding day.” Your persistence paid off and it shows. Sometime will you sit down with me and show me some of how you did it or at least where you began. Knowing that you were able to do it on your own gives me hope. Beautiful. Paul

3 11 2009

Thanks, Paul. If I can do it all by myself, there is hope for everyone. 🙂
I would love to show you how I started since teaching it will help me become that much more comfortable with it. Now I’m hoping I’ll have the same kind of inspiration when I do the gift for my mom (which is my project for class).

3 11 2009
Deb S

You win the award!!
Totally awesome!
Do you really mean it when you say that there is hope for everyone?
Put my name on the list for the tutoring lesson.

4 11 2009

Good work with getting the music on there!! I have only used stock music in Photostory w/the kids…so you might have to teach me!

I might have done something wrong, but I went to your new personal site to try and view your Photostory…but couldn’t find anything to play. I ended up at “The Stories of My Life” (w/a picture of you and your parents I believe) but I didn’t see a Photostory…am I missing something?

4 11 2009

Oh my gosh! Thanks for letting me know, Molly. I was attempting to upload video the other night so I had to save my Photo Story rather than publish it. It’s there now.

5 11 2009

Your valiant weekend effort pays off! I am so impressed. I have yet to conquer photostory, but I know how you feel about figuring things out all by yourself. This weekend I figured out how to add this little widgety thing to my menu bar that allows me to “grab” video and post it to wordpress without cutting and pasting and embedding and inserting and all that craziness. Of course it didn’t work with the video I really wanted to post, but oh well.

Your story was fantastic, and I especially liked the wedding music in the background 🙂 I think that for some experiences, processing the memories through both words and pictures is more powerful than one medium alone.

5 11 2009

Congratulations on conquering not only Photostory but also your apprehensions. It takes courage to try something new. Seeing your success makes me want to explore Photostory as well: it looks so professional with the panning and zooming features. But your courage extends far beyond the technology. You created a beautifully told, soulful piece that brought me to tears but also gave me hope. The compelling combination of your words, your voice, the music, and your amazing pictures conveyed grief but also resilience, peace and hope. A powerful combination for a heartfelt life story.

5 11 2009
Mary K

Kelsey and I are in a writing group and we call ourselves Currently Evolving… Your heart and soul shine through your story swirled in courage and hope through your tears and ours as we read, listened and viewed your Wedding Day. Thank you seems trite but is said with great conviction and from a place of deep gratitude.

6 11 2009
Rattus Scribus

Hi Michelle,
I left a comment on your Stories of Our Lives blog, but realized maybe I should leave it here too. Your story is poignant to say the least and made uplifting by the love and support of your dear friends. You no doubt gave it real thought and emotion and both came through beautifully by you words, the pictures and music. I’ve only just met you through Anita and so happy to be,

your friend,

11 11 2009

Wow, what a community show of support — as it should be. What you did with that Photo Story was no small feat. Nice work Michelle.

22 11 2009
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