Vote on My Story Introduction

10 11 2009

Sammy and Kaya on the RezI would love it if you would visit my personal writing blog to vote on my story introductions.  I am writing a book about my forever dog Samantha, whom we lost a year and a half ago, and it would be great to get your input.  You can add your vote on the right side of the blog and any comments that you have about your choice would be appreciated.  I got this idea from a colleague who actually has people submit ideas for the ends of her stories, and then they vote on which one best concludes the story.  She unveils the winner with a recognition ceremony similar to that of the Academy Awards (only on her blog, not in person).  Very fun!





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16 11 2009

So I’m not exactly the expert at getting video into my blog yet. I did finally get a video in, but it was from youtube, and I think youtube videos are probably the easiest to embed. I did use the vodpod feature…somehow I was able to download it as a widget (well, not really a widget) that I can use to “grab” video from other sites and post directly to the blog. It also looks like you can set up a vodpod account and link videos to that (maybe like one of those other bookmarking sites we’ve talked about), and then put a vodpod video widget on the sidebar of our blogs themselves. I will keep fooling around and see what I can figure out…

16 11 2009

I’m back 🙂 Did you land here yet:

16 11 2009

Yippee! I finally got it to work. I had gone to that website the first time, but it seemed like a couple of the directions were missing. Thanks, Debi! Now I actually have the video that I wanted for my introduction. 🙂

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